HAVA Pusher Leg is used along with a Wet Rock Drill Machine in drifting and tunneling operations for inclined and horizontal drilling.

HAVA Pusher Leg / Air Leg (BMK62S)

The feed cylinder of steel and the rugged, simple design of the parts of the feed guarantee operation without disruptions and reduce maintenance cost to a minimum. The feed pressure is regulated with a control valve on the air inlet which is both throttle and shut-off valve. The feed pressure can be unloaded by means of a button-operated relief valve.


  • Underground Horizontal Drilling
  • In tunnels for Inclined Drilling

Product Features:

  • Bottom operated relief valve
  • Throttle Control valve for regulating feed pressure
  • Robust Design
  • Low Weight
Technical Specifications
Net Weight Length Length Extended Extension Length Piston Diameter
kg lb mm in mm in mm in mm in
17 37.5 1815 71.5 3115 124 1300 51 53 2.09