HAVA Pavement Breaker
HR  - 117 (CP-117)

HAVA Pavement Breaker is a medium duty breaker and is designed to operate most efficiently at 80 to 90 psi.

HAVA breaker is designed to deliver the power and durability necessary for a variety of construction and plant maintenance applications such as breaking heavy concrete, reinforced concrete, frozen ground, boulders and pavements etc.

Due to its strong design, HAVA breaker is highly effective in tackling tough demolition jobs. The breaker has balanced power-to-weight ratio and its excellent handling saves operator labour time. It has high hitting power and out performs any other tool in the same capacity.


It is often used as a demolition tool for a variety of applications such as:

  • Pavement and Concrete breaking
  • Demolition Tool
  • General Surface Work

Product Features:

  • Spring Type Retainer
  • Buffer Spring to absorb shock
  • Lubrication through oil chambers incorporated in back here
Technical Specifications
Model Weight Air Requirement Piston Overall Length Frequency Hose Connection
HR 117 kg (at 6 bar) m3/Min (87 PSI) cfm Diameter MM mm in Rate bpm Air MM Air Inch
- 36 2.5 88 57 710 28 1200 19 3/4